The Risks of not Replacing a tooth

There are many out there who have missing teeth. It’s often causes d by gum disease and other problems, and you might not realize that this is actually something pretty bad for you.  however, do you know of the real risks of missing teeth, and why you should see your Eugene dentist if you’re suffering from a missing tooth? Well, here’s the answer, for this article will go over just what kinds of damage this can do.

The first and most important part of this is essentially bone loss, also known as a word called bone reabsorption. This happens after a tooth is gone because the roots of the teeth aren’t in the jawbone, which causes a voice, and it will begin to deteriorate.  Now, this doesn’t impact just the tooth that is missing, but it can also cause neighboring teeth to get loose, and it will impact your appearance. As time begins to pass, you might also start to realize your face shape changes and your lips will appear sunken and asymmetrical.  Not only that, you can develop gum disease way more in the place where the tooth existed, and you might even suffer furthering decay of other teeth.

You might also start to lower your ability to eat other foods.  It might become way more difficult to bite and chew certain foods if you start to lose them. now, if you suffer from this, you might end up overusing teeth to make up for the tooth that is missing, along with that, it can cause poor health issues, and often, missing teeth can also cause digestive issue sand poor nutrition, since you’ll need to eat softer foods before you swallow.  If you miss teeth in the front, it might impact how you speak at this point, causing you to have a lisp and change how your words sound.

Then there is the lowered self-esteem.  While you might not realize this immediately, and you might not see it on the outside, it’s there on the inside.  The space when you’re missing a tooth can be seen when you smile, speak, or even eat, so you might stop doing any of these in public, which causes an impact on your social life, job, and even some of the money that you earn at the job.  You might end up having bad breath as well.  Even so, depending on how you are, it might cause you to lose out on many opportunities as well, so it can definitely create major problems for you mentally as well.

Now, you might wonder what options there are out there.  well, one of the best options to help with a missing tooth is either denture, a dental bridge, or even dental implants.  Dental implants are the best and most long-lasting ones, since they are sturdy, durable, and much longer lasting.  Along with these benefits, it can also preserve the jawbone because the post used for that will fuse over time.  this will help with growth and lower the bone loss.  This will also help with your confidence, and you’ll feel even better once the teeth are put in.

For anyone that is suffering from tooth loss, the risks are there, and they can create other issues. Infection, other problems with the jaw, and even how you look can be the result of this, and for many, this can cause a lot of personal issues.  If you want to fix it up today, it’s best to talk to your Eugene dentist about what to do next, and the various aspects of this. You owe it to yourself to have the best oral care that you can possibly have, so make sure that you do take the time to make sure that you get the implants put in when you can, to help reduce the effects of bone loss from your teeth. By doing so, you’ll feel much better, have a much more winning smile, and from there you’ll be able to feel even better.  If you’re looking to see the effects of this, do take the time to make sure you know of this and replace it right away.